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Norm performing “Being Alive” from Company (from Sondheim on Sondheim).  I would love for Norm to play this part in full, though he’s a bit too old now. He’s just wonderful every time he opens his mouth. 

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“But, as I’ve said in many interviews, The Phantom of the Opera has been on Broadway for 21 years. There’s been a black Phantom—Robert Guillaume played it in Los Angeles—but there’s never been a black Phantom on Broadway. I know there are people who can play that role. I know people who can sing that role. I can sing that role. It’s interesting. Or just frustrating.”
Norm Lewis

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  • Hey Jupiter
  • Flying Dutchman
  • Precious Things
  • Sugar (Live from Sound Check)
  • Cornflake Girl
  • Blood Roses
  • Angie
  • Glory Of The 80s
  • Pancake
  • Real Men
  • London Girls
  • Silent All These Years
  • Riot Poof
  • Body and Soul
  • New Age
  • Flavor
  • Taxi Ride

some songs are chosen for obvious reasons while others are more creative. for all my LGBTQ friends.

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The song is a mix of the sacred and the profane. There-in lies Madonna’s triumph with ‘Like a Prayer’. It still sounds catchy and danceable.

✝ Like a Prayer 25 years 

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withering-beats melodrama that’s often breathtaking

speedy acid electronica

meditative opener

deep, poetic and intelligent

a breathtaking visual interpretation of light

Happy 16th, Ray of Light!

Happy Sweet 16 ROL

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QUEEN ALIVE Has The Greatest Show Intros. 

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Neil Patrick Harris headed to Broadway in HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH in spring 2014
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I LOVE THIS everyone should have this on their blogs 


I LOVE THIS everyone should have this on their blogs 

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Patina Miller and Ben Vereen are the only Tony Award winners, of different genders, to win for the same role (Leading Player in Pippin).

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Everybody say yeah! KINKY BOOTS, PIPPIN top 2013 Tony Awards

beautiful ... colourful ... sacred ... real ... musical ... find beauty in all things ...

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